Fidget Spinner Fun

If you can’t beat them, join them.  There’s no point battling a craze that has taken a firm hold. It is so much easier to use it to your advantage.

I’ve been researching ideas for how to use Fidget Spinners in the classroom and have come up with these great links from Teachers Pay Teachers.

For Kindergarten – Year 2 to practice their sounds and sight words. The score sheets could be adapted for times tables practice in the upper grades. fidget spinner freebie 1

To Study Probability in upper primary grades:

fidget spinner freebie


For a full-on 73 page STEM unit (with some great resources you can use again such as “Talk like an engineer”, it is worth paying the US$5 for this pack. It has links to explain the science of spinning, some great designs for the students to make, and a marking rubric. :

fidget spinner STEM

There’s heaps more out there. This was a quick 60 minute hunt and collect mission. I’d love links to any Fidget Spinner resources that have been tried and tested.